Horace Mann Scholarships for Exceptional Education Students Fund

Description: Horace Mann Scholarships for Exceptional Education Students are available to students enrolled in the Exceptional Education Department.
Requirements: Must be pursuing a major in the Exceptional Education Department. Preference is given to individuals from groups that are historically underrepresented in the teaching profession and to those who demonstrate financial need (through a completed FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office). Recipients will also receive ticket subscriptions to two cultural organizations and an internship opportunity with a faculty mentor as part of their academic study.
Semester(s) Awarded: Fall and Spring
Renewable: No

Horace Mann
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe how you would contribute to the diversity of the student body in the program for which you are applying or are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented at the college, or have overcome obstacles such as socioeconomic, educational, or other disadvantages or disabilities.
  2. Please submit an essay of at least 500 words addressing the following questions.
    • Discuss a significant work in exceptional education that has shaped and strengthened your interest.
    • Have you thought about what you would like to do after graduation and if you have briefly describe your current ideas.
    • In which field of exceptional education do you intend to work and what specific interests do you have in this field?
    • Is there any particular project or goal in Exceptional Education that you would like to accomplish as a student at SUNY Buffalo State?
    • What knowledge or skills would you especially like to strengthen by working closely with professors and other students?
    • What particular strengths do you bring to your studies that give you confidence you will do well in exceptional education?
  3. Provide a list of three references (with contact information) who can attest to your academic and/or personal commitment to the field of exceptional education.