Robert and Laurel Pokelwaldt Scholarship Fund

Description: Mr. and Mrs. Pokelwaldt established the scholarship to assist engineering technology department students succeed at Buffalo State and throughout life.
Requirements: Robert and Laurel Pokelwaldt Scholarship provides scholarships to students with a declared major in mechanical engineering technology or electrical engineering technology. Must be an incoming freshman, have an overall high school percentile of 85% or higher or equivalent ranking. Must have successfully completed pre-calculus in high school. Preference may be given to candidates with financial need.
Semester(s) Awarded: Fall and spring disbursement.
Renewable: Yes, for up to three additional years as long as the recipient meets the stated renewal requirements. The amount at which the scholarship renews may vary year to year based on funding available.

Robert and Laurel Pokelwaldt
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you successfully complete pre-calculus or calculus in high school?