Dr. Charles A. Messner Scholarship

Description: The Dr. Charles A. Messner Scholarship provides scholarship funding to student(s) with financial need and a declared major in the humanities.
Requirements: Recipient must be incoming first year student enrolling full time (12+ credit hours) at BSC, have a declared major in the humanities including the Communication, English, Modern & Classical Languages, and Philosophy and Humanities Departments.
Semester(s) Awarded: Fall and Spring
Renewable: Yes, for up to three additional years provided the recipient continues to major in the humanities and maintains a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Supplemental Questions
  1. From the following fields, list all courses you are currently enrolled in or have completed during your high school career: Communication, English, Humanities, Modern & Classical Languages, Philisophy.
  2. List separately any AP courses in any humanities field in which you are currently enrolled or that you have already completed.
  3. Why are you interested in Buffalo State College?
  4. Describe your interest in pursuing a major in one of the humanities fields at Buffalo State College by answering the following questions. The depth and quality of your writing will be taken into consideration by the selection committee. While there is no length requirement, we expect that you will probably need about 1500 words for this section. a) In which field of Humanities do you intend to major and what specific interests do you have in this field? b) Is there any particular project or goal in the Humanities that you would like to accomplish as a student at Buffalo State College? c) While in High School, did you participate in any extra-curricular Humanities projects or activities? If so, describe the projects/activities and what you learned from those experiences. d) Discuss a work (e.g., a play, film, book, poem, etc.) that has shaped and strengthened your interest in the Humanities. Be sure to give the title and name of the author/director/creator. e) What particular strengths do you bring to your studies that give you confidence you will do well in college? f) What knowledge or skills would you especially like to strengthen by working closely with professors and other students? g) Have you thought about what you'd like to do after graduation? If you have, briefly describe your current ideas.