Matthew R. Row Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is available to undergraduate students with declared majors in mechanical engineering technology. Candidates must be part-time students in good academic standing who are working or looking for work. Preference is given to candidates with junior or senior status, who work for companies that do not provide reimbursement for educational expenses, or who have child-care expenses. One scholarship is awarded annually. Fall semester disbursement.

Matthew (Matt) R. Row was a non-traditional student who was determined to expand his professional knowledge and opportunities. Initially enrolled at Buffalo State College in 1994, he attended college part-time while raising his family and working full-time at Cameron Compression Systems where he was a test engineer. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) in 2007, Matt continued his education as a MET graduate student. He was very active in the Department and participated in the SAE Mini-Baja Race.
On November 15, 2008, a work accident resulted in his untimely death. Matt died at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife and two young children, a son aged four and a daughter aged eighteen months.
This scholarship was established by Matthew R. Row’s friends, colleagues, and members of the Engineering Technology Department faculty to assist non-traditional students like Matt achieve their educational and professional goals.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Employment Questions
    • 1. If employed, will this employer be reimburing you for tuition or other expenses in the fall semester?
    • 2. If employed, please list the name and address and phone number of your employer:
    • 3.Are you presently working or looking for work in the Fall semester?
  2. Will you be paying for child care in order to go to school this fall semester?
  3. While not required, you may provide a letter of reference from a MET faculty member. See help text for guidance.
  4. While not required, you may provide a letter of reference from your employer or a fellow employee who is familiar with your work. See help text for guidance.