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Below is a list of all of the scholarships available at SUNY Buffalo State via the Campus Application Portal for Scholarships (CAPS) system. For information on these scholarships and the eligibility requirements, please click on the individual opportunity to review additional information about the scholarship including its qualifying criteria, and any additional materials required to apply. All amounts listed are subject to change prior to awarding. Qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee you will receive it.

There are 2 types scholarships within the CAPS Scholarship Portal:

Automatch Scholarships: Once you complete your General Application, you will be matched to scholarships which you qualify for, no further action is required.
Apply-to Scholarships: These applications may require some additional information such as short answer questions, an essay, or letter of recommendation. To see a list of scholarships that may need additional action to apply for them, select “Recommended” under “Opportunities” at the top of the page. If you believe you are qualified, you can click the ‘Apply’ button to submit an application.

To complete the General Application, click on the Sign In button in the top right hand corner of the page. Please Note General Applications left in “draft” status will not be reviewed for scholarship candidacy. You must submit the General Application to be considered as a candidate for the scholarships.

Prospective Students: In order to apply for scholarships within the CAPS Scholarship Portal, you must have network login credentials. You will receive these once you have been accepted to Buffalo State College, and acknowledged your intent to enroll with the Admissions Office. Click here for more information.

All Students can also review external scholarship opportunities at

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